horrible histories vs. original

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this day in horrible history 

↳ 7 April 1739 AD - Dick Turpin is hanged at Knavesmire, York

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this day in horrible history 

↳ 25/26 March 1199 AD - Richard the Lionheart is injured by a crossbow bolt during a minor siege against a rebellious baron and subsequently dies on 6 April. 

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Why all people, growing and grown, should read Horrible Histories.

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Did pachacuti really drink from Human skulls?

As far as history can tell, he really did. Maybe they made good hot chocolate mugs?

William, William, Henry, Stephen
Henry, Richard, John, oi!
Henry, Ed, Ed, Ed, Rich two
Then three more Henrys join our song!
Edward, Edward, Rich the third
Henry, Henry, Ed again
Mary one, good Queen Bess
Jimmy, Charles and Charles and then
James, Will, Mary, Anne Gloria
George, George, George, George
Will, Victoria!
Edward, George, Edward, George six
And Queen Liz two completes the mix!
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Right, listen very carefully, the type of noose used in a public execution varies according to the time of day the execution is to be carried out.

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The Ghost of Richard III|Horrible Histories Series 1, Episode 13

"A badger! A badger! My kingdom for a badger!"

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